The faster your invoice goes out, the sooner you get paid. Issue your invoice as soon as open a new matter. Create an invoice in seconds by entering case number and amount and then you can download (PDF), print or email it directly to your clients. Invoices, credit notes, refunds, discounts, bad debts, reminders for overdue invoices, payments received, automatic VAT calculation for each item, custom VAT rate list, income reports, VAT reports, aged debtors reports all included in comprehensive invoicing module of our legal case management system.

Time billing

Legal Workspace provides you with integrated time billing functionality. It will help you to generate bills with ease based on recorded time, expenses and disbursements. Case management system allows you to enter your own set of hourly rates such as hourly rate list for solicitors, legal aid hourly rates etc. You can flexibly allocate both cost and bill rates to the hours your staff record for your clients.

Credit note

Once the invoice has been sent to the client, you should not make any changes. The professional way to deal with these changes is to issue a credit note. With Legal Workspace, you can easily issue a credit note against any invoice, if you want to reduce the amount that client is going to pay you. Discounts, refunds & bad debts are common examples of credit note.

Invoice reminder

Business cash flow depends on prompt payment. Check the status of all your invoices and send your client an email reminder about their unpaid / overdue invoice.

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