A comprehensive client accounting feature of our legal case management system allows you maintain proper records of case fee, invoices, bills, credit notes, payments received, balance outstanding, disbursements incurred and unpaid disbursements. Keep track of each and every transaction matter by matter with detailed client ledger report. Financial reporting lets you see how your business is doing on a day to day basis.

Client ledger

Client ledger reports shows you all the transactions by matter including invoices related to that matter, money in/out, disbursements and payments.


Disbursements are payments lawyers make on clients' behalf to third parties involved in the case. For example travelling cost, court fees, fees for expert reports etc. Keep full track of all the disbursements incurred, disbursements received and unpaid disbursements.


Instalment option allows your client to agree to make instalment payments to you within a specified timeframe. Allowing clients to budget their payments will ease their pain of overspending. You can make customised payment plans for your clients in fixed/flat fee cases. Check the status of all your instalments and send your client a reminder about their unpaid / overdue instalments.

Types of legal fees

Legal Workspace handles all common types legal fees such as Flat / Fixed fee, Hourly rate, Contingency fees and Pro Bono.

Time billing

Legal Workspace provides you with integrated time billing functionality. It will help you to generate bills with ease based on recorded time, expenses and disbursements. Case management system allows you to enter your own set of hourly rates such as hourly rate list for solicitors, legal aid hourly rates etc. You can flexibly allocate both cost and bill rates to the hours your staff record for your clients.


Our legal case management system offers a wide range of client accounts related reports such as unpaid invoices, unpaid disbursements, aged debtors, fee earner contribution and so on...

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