It is time consuming and costly to manage paper based physical files. There is nothing more frustrating than retrieving file or searching for a missing document. In Legal Workspace, all the letters, documents and scans are securely saved separately for each matter in a searchable location which improve the productivity and saves your time so you can manage more of your company’s core operations. You can create letters by using templates or upload & store matter related documents to ensure all staff have access to the most up to date information. Any letter created within Legal Workspace is automatically linked to the relevant matter and available to download in PDF format. You can upload any supported type of file as Legal Workspace supports a wide variety of file types from text documents to audio files.

Save time with templates

Starting from scratch each time you need a frequently-used document like a general client care letter, form of authority, fee agreement or final review letter is an inefficient use of your talent. Creating a library of templates in Legal Workspace can save you both time and effort. A number of templates are avialable in template library. You can use those or create your own templates to meet the unique needs of your business.

Client care letter

Legal Workspace will allow you to create a client care letter with one click whenever you receive new instructions from the client. You can use our built-in client care letter template or create your own. The letter will always be available in Document Management.

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