Manage legal matters more efficiently and access client's entire file with one click. From a single screen, you can easily view all the client and matter related information including all documents, correspondence, file notes, attendance notes, contact details, key dates, case activities, time spent and financial data in one place. Legal workspace is a cloud based legal case management system that will allow you to access and manage all the information easily & smartly from anywhere at any time. As legal matter management is a core feature of any legal case management system, so we have taken legal matter management to amazing levels of efficiency so your caseworkers have great levels of control and productivity.

Instant search

We have created an instant search results page to immediately find a specific client record or case file. Our instant search allows you to look up and locate the client information or case file by case id, client name, email, phone number or address.

Save time

Once you have entered the details for a new client or new matter, you never have to do it again. Every letter, bill, invoice, or report you generate will be automatically populated with the same data you entered at the start of a matter. You can also save time with predefined work types and areas of practice.  You can add unlimited work categories / areas of practice to meet the unique need of your business.

Improve collaboration within teams

Eliminate the possibility of duplication by having single case file that each team member can access the latest information and correspondence. All letters, documents and scans are saved in a single searchable location.

Access anywhere, anytime

Legal Workspace is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time through a modern internet browser, i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer. You just need any web browsing device with Internet access and a modern web browser. Gone are the days of paper trails and heavy client files. Take your tablet to court or your meetings and access all of your data online.

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