Legal Workspace time recording feature means effortless timekeeping for accurate legal billing. Time recording is an important feature for law firm productivity, ensuring lawyers capture all their billable time as they work. Our legal case management system is flexible to assist you to record time. Don't miss a minute. Launch the timer and it will record time in the background, whether you’re reading emails, drafting letters, or answering phone calls. Legal Workspace gives you the power to quickly enter time using timer, bypassing the need to go through extra steps such as opening the matter.

Time billing

Legal Workspace provides you with integrated time billing functionality. It will help you to generate bills with ease based on recorded time, expenses and disbursements. This powerful time billing feature can easily handle complex billing scenarios.

Custom rate list

Legal Workspace allows you to enter your own set of hourly rates such as hourly rate list for solicitors, legal aid hourly rates etc. You can flexibly allocate both cost and bill rates to the hours your staff record for your clients.

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