Legal Workspace is one of the best legal time tracking and billing software designed for UK law firms for accurate and transparent tracking of billable time.

Our legal time tracking and billing software allows you to accurately track and manage the time spent on legal tasks and generate invoices for clients based on the billable hours and services provided.

Legal Workspace allows law firms and legal professionals to record and track their billable time for different activities, such as client meetings, research, drafting documents, court appearances, and more. It has built-in timers and manual entry options to log time spent on each task.

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Legal Time Tracking and Billing Software

At a Glance

Our legal time tracking software, is a specialised tool designed to help law firms and legal professionals track billable hours, manage client billing, and ensure accurate timekeeping.

Time Tracking

Users can record billable and non-billable hours, including meetings, drafting letters and case-related activities. Time can be tracked manually or automatically using timers.

Custom Rate List

It allows you to enter your own set of hourly rates such as an hourly rate list for solicitors, paralegals, legal aid cases and other case-related activities.

Time Recorder

Launch the timer and it will record time in the background, whether you're reading emails, drafting letters, or answering phone calls.

Reporting & Analytics

It has a wide range of built-in reports to review and track time summaries on a regular basis, so you always know the financial status of your company.

Legal Time Tracking Software