We at Legal Workspace provide website maintenance services and technical support to UK law firms, lawyers, solicitors and barristers at very competitive prices.

Website maintenance services involve ongoing tasks and activities that are performed to ensure the smooth functioning, security, and relevance of a website over time. Maintaining a website is essential to provide visitors with a positive user experience, keep the site up to date, and protect it from security threats.

To top it off, Legal Workspace has a fast turnaround time on support issues and changes. We'll always be available to supply the support and web management you need to keep your website and email running smoothly.

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What Is Included in Web Maintenance Services?

Here are some common tasks and aspects of website maintenance services:

Content Updates

Regularly update and refresh the website's content, including text, images, videos, and blog posts as per your business needs.

Website Security

Perform security test on regular basis to check your website for malware and vulnerability exploits online. Check your website for system & plug-in updates.

Regular Backups

Taking regular backups of your complete website to a separate location and assistance with website backup retrieval and restore.

Website Hosting & Emails

Liaise with your website hosting service provider to resolve technical website related issues. Assistance with business email account creation and configuration.

Performance Optimisation

Monitor the website's loading speed and optimize elements like images, code, and scripts to ensure fast and smooth performance.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensure that the website remains fully functional and visually appealing on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.